Nervous About Getting Your First Client? Try this...

advice Nov 13, 2018
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These kinds of ads are just a distraction...

advice Nov 13, 2018
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Don't let me trick you...

advice Oct 31, 2018

Don't let me trick you. 

A lot of people say they like me because I'm laid back and appear to not get stressed about my work. 

And while I'm definitely laid back, I'm not stress free or lazy. 

I've got normal stuff happening; a 4-year-old daughter, a wife who works at a real job, household chores, school pick-ups, endless laundry, bills. 

Then I've got my work stuff: clients, consults, phone calls, course stuff, interviews, sales, marketing tasks...

So when I say I'm lazy, it's out of necessity. 

I find the best way to get something done quickly and then move on. 

I carry a little notebook everywhere I go so I can write down ideas for these emails. When it's time to write - open it up and pick one. Done. 

I copy these emails to my blog and my FB pages so I don't have to come up with 5 different pieces of content every day. 

I schedule posts in advance on my page so I don't have to remember to do it. 

I set aside about 3 hours a day for all "not me"...

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When a client invades Peru...

advice Oct 30, 2018

So, 2011.

My wife and I are in Peru, about to go up the hill to Machu Picchu (which is amazing btw).

We're staying in this cute little hotel thing in one of the many cramped buildings along this stone-paved winding uphill-both-ways street.

At this point we've been on our trip for a few days and seen some truly incredible stuff.

We both have altitude medication, lol, because we're puny Americans. We've both been on antibiotics from poor street-food choices.

Basically having the time of our lives. It's truly the best trip ever. No sarcasm. We love it.

So during this down time between the evening and tomorrow's early morning death trek hike up to the mountaintop, I decide to pop my phone on the world's oldest wifi and check my email.

Before I do that, you need to know something.

This was 2011. I had just "started" my business the year prior.

It was also November, which means I had also just quit my day job a couple months ago.

And one of the biggest, baddest mistakes (among so many) I...

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You still use a PHONE BOOK?

advice Oct 29, 2018

I used to hang out in a lot of groups on FB where newbies would talk about getting clients and whatnot.

And one of the most popular things to do was talk about how crappy the yellow pages are, or how bad newspapers are...basically trashing all "old" media in favor of their new shiny FB ad strategies.

I guess that's fine, inside the groups.

But if you're new to this game, please make sure that you do NOT trash talk the old media to any new business prospects.


Because my local yellow pages book is over 500 pages, so chances are, the business you're talking to is in there.

Or they might be running a full color half sheet in the local paper every Sunday.

Maybe a radio commercial (which still work very well).

Some TV ads.

Maybe even paying for some of that YP space.

And since tracking numbers are so easy to use, many of these companies will actually have stats on how their ads are doing based on call volumes from different media ads.

So don't walk into a business thinking you're the...

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Ask Me Anything Volume 001

ama Oct 25, 2018

I put out a request for feedback and you all delivered!

Here's my first AMA where I tackle Tom's questions:

- Can I get US clients even if I'm overseas? 
- What if I don't like running FB ads?

Check it out!


PS. Here's a link to the PDF mentioned in the video:

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Want to be successful? Do the absolute minimum.

advice Oct 25, 2018

In today's world we're inundated with crappy dumb advice about how to get things done. And not just things.

How to get MORE things done. Because it's somehow not enough to wake up and do your job, no.

You've gotta hustle. Or whatever.

Make a video. Write an email. Get on a plane. Make a deal. Get on another plane. Make another deal. Go back to the office. Podcast. Blog. Tweet. Sleep 4 hours. WAKE UP. Time to hustle!

I'm not into all that, and I'll tell you why.

Mostly because I have a wife and a kid and I like to be here when they are. Watch my child grow up.

Also, I don't enjoy being busy. I love my down time. Relaxing time.

Plus, there's no way I could do all that stuff well. I'm good at like, a handful of stuff. Trying to cram in more stuff for the sake of stuffiness is a horrible idea. All of it would turn to crap.

I know a lot of you on this list are like me - maybe you have a day job or a family and you don't want to spend so much time doing so much...stuff.

Why would you?


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Ask me anything...

feedback Oct 24, 2018

Looking for feedback here. 

I've been sort of business-inspirational lately and it's because I honestly had some cool stuff to share with y'all. 

I hope it helped a bit, no matter where you are in this journey. 

I also do this Facebook thing, and I have like, a gigantic list of topics I could unload on you. 

Buuuut I don't want to just shovel tips on you blindly. 

I want you to get value (shock!) out of these emails. 

So reply below. I want to do a weekly (probably) Ask Mike Anything email, or video, or something. 

No cost. Just for you. 

You can ask about business, FB ads, family life, clients, sales, emails, whatever you need that would help you move the needle in your business. 

Just hit reply and show me what you got. I want to do the first one soon so let's get started. 

Mike out. 

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What I don't know could fill...

advice Oct 19, 2018


My name is Mike and I don't know much. 

Like, how many trucks are on the highway right now. How many stars there are in Orion. What the best copy is for a sales page. 

And, I don't pretend to know, either. I can't just make something up and act like it's the right answer. That's not who I am. Plus I'm not that smart. 

But, not knowing, and knowing that I don't know...that's come in super handy over the years when pitching my services to a business. 

"Why is that, Mike?" I can hear you ask me through your screen right now...

Glad you asked! 

A ton of people, when they sell services b2b, they do this thing where they "know" a business can't afford their services. 

"A thousand dollars a month is way too much for them!" 

"They can't afford me, they're in a small town." 

And so on. 

They make assumptions based on...what? Geography? Appearance? A crappy website?

You're basically setting yourself up for failure in advance, and for no...

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What it takes to play the game...

advice Oct 18, 2018

Playing this game is hard.

True story, I started writing this last week, lol. It's DIFFICULT.

Things will happen - things that normally would just be like, inconveniences, right?

But now that you're on your own, self-employed, a whatever-preneur (don't), those same things get real, fast.

Check this out, just in the last three weeks:

Hurricane Florence - no school, interrupted vacation, etc
Sick child - no school for a couple days meaning Mike is home with kiddo
Hurricane Michael - no school for a day = no work for me
Then I got sick - Thursday through Sunday no work
Wife got sick - home from work and I deal with all kiddo stuff

Can I catch a break?

I can't imagine what it's like for people that have more than one kid, or have a full-time job plus side hustle plus kiddos plus plus plus...

Like life straight up hands you a big pile of crap and says "here's...this. Deal with it I guess."

And sometimes you have to make choices and deal with that nasty stuff on the plate before you do things...

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