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feedback Oct 24, 2018

Looking for feedback here. 

I've been sort of business-inspirational lately and it's because I honestly had some cool stuff to share with y'all. 

I hope it helped a bit, no matter where you are in this journey. 

I also do this Facebook thing, and I have like, a gigantic list of topics I could unload on you. 

Buuuut I don't want to just shovel tips on you blindly. 

I want you to get value (shock!) out of these emails. 

So reply below. I want to do a weekly (probably) Ask Mike Anything email, or video, or something. 

No cost. Just for you. 

You can ask about business, FB ads, family life, clients, sales, emails, whatever you need that would help you move the needle in your business. 

Just hit reply and show me what you got. I want to do the first one soon so let's get started. 

Mike out. 


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