Dealing with Rejection...

advice Apr 19, 2018

Quick tip today. 

Some of my lead form ads are getting rejected, especially on new ad accounts. 

And it's pissing me off. 

Facebook is doing the "ad approval shuffle" again and denying ads that are 100% legit and safe to run for my clients. 

So what do I do? Do I kick my trashcan and scream "MOTHERF...." at the ceiling? 

Yes, I do that. Don't judge me. 

But after all that nonsense, I just appeal. If I have my live chat option, I'll use that and let them have a piece of my mind.*

That's it. Hey, you denied this ad. But it's fine. Please approve it. Thank you. 

This whole thing isn't rocket science. There's not "one weird trick" to use. 

Unless appealing is one weird trick. 

And if you don't have an appeal reason (you'll see it at the top of the edit screen when you're editing an ad) then just edit the ad a couple times until you get one. 

Then, you'll also have a shiny "Appeal" button. 

Click that bugger. Be nice. Get your ads approved. Make money. 

*But seriously I'm always respectful to the fb people. They're just doing their job. 


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