Don't let me trick you...

advice Oct 31, 2018

Don't let me trick you. 

A lot of people say they like me because I'm laid back and appear to not get stressed about my work. 

And while I'm definitely laid back, I'm not stress free or lazy. 

I've got normal stuff happening; a 4-year-old daughter, a wife who works at a real job, household chores, school pick-ups, endless laundry, bills. 

Then I've got my work stuff: clients, consults, phone calls, course stuff, interviews, sales, marketing tasks...

So when I say I'm lazy, it's out of necessity. 

I find the best way to get something done quickly and then move on. 

I carry a little notebook everywhere I go so I can write down ideas for these emails. When it's time to write - open it up and pick one. Done. 

I copy these emails to my blog and my FB pages so I don't have to come up with 5 different pieces of content every day. 

I schedule posts in advance on my page so I don't have to remember to do it. 

I set aside about 3 hours a day for all "not me" work meaning clients and consulting calls. Plus other business stuff I have to do that's outside Facebook. 

Yesterday I told you about a client who invaded my time when I was in Peru - these days I refuse to let that happen because I don't allow people to steal my hours. 

I work hard at being lazy, so that I can have time to mess around on Facebook or give support to my group when they need it, or deal with a sick kid every now and again. 

So don't let me trick you into thinking lazy = doing nothing. Because if you try to emulate that, you'll have zero dollars. 

A business survives on money, so do the things that bring in the money. Whether it's learning Facebook ads or writing an email or prospecting for clients or whatever it means to you. 

Go get it done. Figure out the best way to do it quickly, and then set aside time to be lazy. 

Mike out. 


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