Help Me Delete All Those Annoying "GET MORE CLIENTS NOW" Ads!

global domination Mar 20, 2019


My Facebook newsfeed ads are hot garbage right now.

Almost every ad is the same boring toxic trash:

  • Do you need more leads for your business?
  • Get more leads on autopilot for your business!
  • Scale your business fast with more leads!
  • AUTOMATE your lead generation to get more leads!

And then there's always one ad where the targeting is way off like

  • Do you find it hard to be a female lawyer?

Lol, nope. To all of the above.

And of course all of these ads want you to purchase some course or system or program that will guide you through the steps to get blah blah blah.

So here's the deal...

I want to clean up my newsfeed so these people stop running their bad ads.

AND I want to save you the time and money it'll take to go through these courses, because they're all pretty much the same thing.

So in addition to clicking "Hide this ad" on every one of these, I'm gonna impart you with some divine wisdom passed down through years of trial and error so you'll never have to say to yourself "gee, I wish I could see an ad about getting more clients..."

Sounds fair to me. Here goes.

Oh, and one more thing.

Most of these courses tell you to have a "passion" whatever that is, and to also know your ideal customer.

So I'm going to assume you have both of those things...if not, there's tons of free ideal client worksheets you can google. So maybe do that.

1. A simple damn funnel...

It doesn't get much simpler than this. Set up a blog. Put the FB pixel on it. Write a few entries. Put a call to action at the end. Like you see here.

That call to action can be anything - get on my email list, set up a call, read more stuff, watch this video, whatever. Just don't overcomplicate it.

What works best for me is grabbing an email address. Why? Because some people might want to hire you, but not right now. So get them on your list and keep them updated.

Now, run some ads to your blog and start collecting email addresses.

Then, email your list.

2. A simple damn comment...

People are forever searching for information, so you should give them that information if you have it.

How: join groups in relevant niches/platforms and start talking about what you do. Do this consistently and you'll get customers. Back when I was actively looking for clients in 2016, I used to answer questions regularly in several Facebook groups.

Over the course of several weeks, I started getting more and more inquiries for my services.

It is now 2019 and I STILL get leads about once a month or so from someone reading a post I've commented on way back when.

Look for groups on FB, LinkedIn, or check out relevant hashtags on twitter/insta.

Forums are great as well, hell even check out some in-person local groups if there's any where you live.

Go out and network! Gasp.

3. A simple damn review...

This one is a 1-1 approach that works quite well. Find a business in whatever niche and review the thing you do:

  • SEO - review their SEO profile and suggest improvements.
  • Facebook - review the pixel, page, and ads. Give them new ideas!
  • Website - review it and offer suggestions.
  • Copywriting - rewrite some copy or offer an edit of their current copy.

You get the idea.

Get the "Loom" extension for Chrome and stick it in a quick video. Send it to them via FB messenger.

The reason this works is that you don't just blindly pitch them, you go to them and offer ideas and insights for free based on what they already have. You've taken the time to get to know them, and that's appreciated.

Look, none of this is complicated. All these systems and programs out there aren't going to teach you anything unique, and anyway that's not what you need. You need simple, reliable, gets the job done.

My buddy Ben uses strategy #1 to pull in half a dozen leads per week, and he's been doing that for a couple years now.

So pick one that you like and can commit to, and do it. It's not hard.

Need some help? Put your info in the box and I'll send you my free email course + strategy guide that will set you straight.

Now go out there and click "hide ad" for me, k?

Mike out.


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