Your Ultimate Local Ads Manager Guide - 2019 Edition

fb ads guide May 21, 2019

Quick Overview

I like to provide a quick overview so you can decide if Local Facebook ads are right for you...

  1. Get a business manager account with Facebook. This is free!
  2. Set up your business page
  3. Find your first client, or upsell an existing client for Facebook Ad services
  4. Close that client for at least $1,000 per month plus ad costs
  5. Connect their ads account and page to your business manager account
  6. Choose a compelling offer for the business
  7. Gather assets for the offer and run the ad
  8. Automate the lead collection process
  9. Repeat steps 3 - 8 for each new client

Good? Let's do it. 

The Local Facebook Ads Business

 This is my business. What I put together from scratch in 2013.

And while it needs a little updating from time to time (Facebook is constantly changing), the marketing principles are timeless and work flawlessly with Facebook ads.

After you’re done reading this, you’ll have the exact step-by-step blueprint I use to manage and run my business, and you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate it into your business (or start one yourself from scratch like I did).

Sound good?

The cool thing about this business is, once you develop your deliverables, a lot of them are reusable as templates. Plus, most of this stuff you only have to set up once.

 Then, when a new client comes on board, you can get up and running super-fast.

 Let’s get started with step one…

Step 1. Set Up Your Facebook Business Manager Account

This is easy, and it’s free!

There’s no use for me to re-type what’s already available on Facebook, so it’s your best bet to start here.

Use this link to view the help article directly:

Step 2. Set Up Your Facebook Page

This is easy, too. Just go to

I’ve included a screenshot of my page below with a few important things highlighted...

Click here to check out my page (and throw a like on it while you're there!)


Here’s some tips for page creation: 

  1. When creating a page, use the “Public Figure” option. People relate to people, not companies. The more of a person you can be, the better your results.
  2. Use a happy, relatable profile picture so people can see you’re a normal person.
  3. Your cover image should also be something cool and let people know you’re real, with a real life.
  4. When you set up a page, you can create an @name for your page, which is also the URL of your FB page. This is up to you, but I use @ContactMikeHeath to let people know what to do.
  5. I like to use the “Send Message” call to action so people can quickly get in touch with me to talk.

Step 3. Find Clients!

I could write about this for a thousand pages, but we don’t have that much space here.

So I’ll list my 4 biggest client sources here for you.  

    1. How I got started - upselling current clients.
      I used to do SEO, and my clients were always wanting more leads. More more more.

      I knew I needed to get them more leads, but it also meant I could charge more.

      The first time I sold FB ad management, I jumped from $400/mo per client to $1,300/mo per client.


      Just by saying “hey, let’s try Facebook ads.” Really.

      You can even watch the testimonial from my first ever FB ads client here:

    2. Facebook groups.
      And no, I don’t mean spamming groups with your links. I’m talking about two different methods here.

      1. Start your own FB group.
        My buddy Colin started a group about 5 years ago and has over 25,000 members today. Not only does it provide a captive place for your followers, but you can share your journey and inspire others as well. This is a “long game” strategy for sure but the dividends are massive.

      2. Answering questions in groups.
        If you have a little knowledge already, feel free to join groups for your niche and answer questions.

        Don’t promote yourself, just be as helpful as you can be. Don’t be afraid to leave long, in-depth comments.

        This will get you a ton of engagement and will lead to direct messages asking for help.

        Just one comment in a larger group led to a $7,369.95 payday when the group admin invited me to do a paid training based on that comment.

    3. Your own client-grabbing funnel.
      There’s entire courses just on this step, so I’ll try to lay it all out here for you. This is the paid route, so I don’t usually recommend this until you get a few clients under your belt, but for just $10-$15 per day, you can consistently land a few phone calls per week for your services.


      While I was sitting here writing this, I was looking at my buddy Ben’s client capturing funnel outline (PDF) that he wrote for me...

      He actually did an entire webinar training on how to get clients inside my course...

      Anyway I was going to try and water it down for you so it fit into this short guide, but I decided to do one better…

      I’m going to give you the entire PDF as a bonus download so you can get to work doing it yourself.
      You can download it here:

    4. Cold Email
      It’s super easy to source a list of valid email addresses for any niche around the country and send them an email about your services.
      In fact, I made a whole Cold Email course around the concept just a few weeks ago. The basic strategy is:
      1. Source your list of emails manually or using a list broker through your library (free).
      2. Sign up for and upload those emails to your list
      3. Use a template to blast out emails to your prospects
      4. Get replies back and schedule sales calls. That’s it!

 Bonus step - get creative.

  1. Contact the admins of groups and ask them if you can post a guide or how-to for the group members.
  2. Find all the related groups, join them and repeat.
  3. Post on your timeline that you’re looking for clients. No harm in that.
  4. Ask current clients for referrals.
  5. Make a circuit of all the Chamber, BNI etc networks in your community.

 There’s literally unlimited ways to get clients, so go out there and do it today.

Step 4. Close Your Client for $1,000+/mo

 I know. If you’re new at this, it can be daunting. Scary even.

 “$1,000 per month? Nobody will pay me that.”

 It’s time to get over that belief.

 Click the image below to watch this 8 minute video that I made for a student of mine...

Glad we got that out of the way.

Now for the next part...

Let me tell you what phone closing is NOT.

  • Phone closing is NOT spending 2 hours trying to figure out a prospect’s emotional triggers so they cry on the phone.
  • It’s NOT asking dumb questions like “what would the extra money allow for your kids and family?”
  • It’s NOT a therapy session.

Don’t let people trick you into using these phony “scripts” that claim you can reel in high ticket sales with them.

They don’t feel right to use.

The reason for that...they aren’t right.

They’re predatory.

And largely ineffective.

Here’s what to do instead.

It’s all about asking the right questions and finding red flags.  

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Tell me about your business...
  3. What kinds of services do you offer?
  4. How many customers / members do you have right now?
  5. How much does your average customer spend?
  6. Do you do any advertising right now?
    1. What is it?
    2. Is it effective?
    3. How much do you pay for that?
  7. Have you hired any FB ad people before?

Now, I could elaborate on the above.

But, I remembered that I recorded a video on this exact topic!

I’ve linked it below.

 During this 20 minute video you’ll uncover the EXACT script that I use to close $1,000, $1,500, $2,000/mo clients consistently.

But here’s some advice.

It takes practice.

I didn’t perfect this overnight.

It took about 20 calls to really dial this in. And 20 calls, that’s NOT a ton!

Plus, I closed about 40% of those.

So click to watch the video. Make sure you take LOTS of notes.

Step 5. Connect the Ad Account

 After you’ve gotten a client, it’s time to set them up!

This is another one of those technical steps, but don’t panic, it’s easy, AND I made a video specifically for you to follow along.

  1. Go to your business manager
  2. Go to Business Settings under the menu at the top
  3. You need two things for every client:
    1. Page
    2. Ad account
  4. Click the Pages menu
  5. Request access to a page

    1. Type the page name, and then choose the “Admin” checkbox, wait for them to approve

    2. Request access to their ad account. NOTE your number will be different!

    3. Assign yourself as admin to the Page and the Ad Account

Like I promised, I’ve included an all-access video for you to watch - how to set up your new clients. You can find it by clicking the image below.

Step 6. Choose a Compelling Offer

Here’s the big secret to Facebook ads.

Most companies, when they decide to advertise, think they can just slap an ad together that looks something like this…


But the reality is that nobody buys a gym membership from an ad like this, because there’s no OFFER to get people to click or show interest.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for each new client. All you have to do is choose a compelling offer from my handy-dandy list.

Types of offers:

  1. Percentage discount
  2. Dollar discount
  3. Buy one get one free
  4. Buy one get one half off
  5. Subscription discount
  6. Free trial
  7. Discount trial

Your job is to educate the client and tell them what offers they can run given their current business situation.

They’ll usually agree to try out a couple, but here’s another catch - business owners are CHEAP.

Don’t let them talk you into a 5% discount!

You should be aiming for a VERY GENEROUS front-end offer, like 20% off, to get people into the place. Then you can sell them other things and make more money.

The entire goal of the ad is to get people to raise their hand and say “YES, I want that.”

Some good offers that I’ve run in the past…

  • 28-Day gym challenge for 50% off
  • Free estimate plus 20% off all convertible tops
  • Free recipe book with gym enrollment at 20% off
  • $100 off teeth whitening

Work with your client to come up with some compelling offers and don’t be afraid to put out a SUPER-good offer to help you stand out in your marketplace.

Step 7. Collect Assets and Run the Ad

This is where the magic happens.

What you’ll need:

  1. Offer
  2. Copy
  3. Image
  4. Data collection

The Offer

Hopefully you already have the offer from step 6. Now all you need to do is write some compelling copy!

The Copy

I know, right - there’s entire courses on copywriting. You could spend literal thousands of dollars becoming a “wordgician” or whatever dumb certification is out there now.


You could learn a simple formula for writing winning ads from the get go. Sound good?

Here it is.

  • Say who it’s for
  • Describe what it is
  • Tell them how to get it
  • (Optional) Include scarcity

That’s it.

I’ll show you some examples… 

IRMO: Want a free manicure? Register for our relaxing 45-minute hot stone massage and get our signature manicure on the house! Hurry, this offer expires on 3/30/16! Tap to claim yours.


Is CrossFit right for you? Click the link below and sign up for a 100% free class at CrossFit Southeastern Alabama! We only have room for 10 more free passes, so claim yours before they’re all gone.


Midlands Volkswagen is now offering 0% down and no payments until April of 2019 on all new VW Golfs – tap here to see all our models in stock.


The Image

Images are super-easy. Just have the owner take a picture of real people enjoying the company.

  • If it’s a gym, take pictures of customers working out.
  • Nail salon? Take a picture of people getting their nails done.
  • Dentist? Take a picture of a smiling customer.

Very easy. Don’t overthink this.

The Ad

As you probably know, I have an entire course on this, so I could go on and on. What I recommend though for most local businesses is a Lead ad.

Lead ads have a number of advantages over traditional landing page ads:

  • Customer’s information is pre-filled
  • Customer stays on Facebook
  • No need for landing page software
  • No need for client to have a CRM
  • Leads are easily automated
  • Competitive costs

Instead of bombarding you with screenshots and step by step directions, I’ve recorded a short video that takes you over my shoulder while I create a Lead Ad for a client.


I hadn’t planned on including so many bonuses attached to this training, but here it is!

Click here to watch the Lead Ad Training!

Step 8. Automating Lead Collection

This step is very simple, using a tool called Zapier.

Once leads come in, your client will want to call them to book the service, and most of your clients will want the leads delivered in a couple ways:

  • Text message to owner/staff
  • Email message to owner/staff
  • Integration into their CRM
  • Put leads into a Google Sheets spreadsheet
  • So much more...

Fortunately, Zapier makes this very easy.

You’ll need the “Premium” Zapier plan to do this stuff, but it’s only $15 per month. Super cheap to automate all your client tasks.


Step 9. Repeat 3-8 for New Clients

Most people tell me they can handle about 8 clients by themselves before they start hiring others to manage Facebook ads.

If you only charged $1,000 per month, that’s almost 100k per year. If you charge $1,500/mo it’s way more.

Pretty cool.

But for now…

Your Next Steps…

I hope you enjoyed this guide.

Honestly I included way more information than I originally set out to do, but it had to be complete.

So put it to work for you.  

Whether you run a business already, or are looking for an ethical business model that helps businesses in a real way...this is a great business to be in.





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