What I don't know could fill...

advice Oct 19, 2018


My name is Mike and I don't know much. 

Like, how many trucks are on the highway right now. How many stars there are in Orion. What the best copy is for a sales page. 

And, I don't pretend to know, either. I can't just make something up and act like it's the right answer. That's not who I am. Plus I'm not that smart. 

But, not knowing, and knowing that I don't know...that's come in super handy over the years when pitching my services to a business. 

"Why is that, Mike?" I can hear you ask me through your screen right now...

Glad you asked! 

A ton of people, when they sell services b2b, they do this thing where they "know" a business can't afford their services. 

"A thousand dollars a month is way too much for them!" 

"They can't afford me, they're in a small town." 

And so on. 

They make assumptions based on...what? Geography? Appearance? A crappy website?

You're basically setting yourself up for failure in advance, and for no good reason! 

I've met lawn care guys that were pulling in over $250k per year. Who also owned 3 liquor stores. And an import automotive repair place. And a taco shop, lol. 

Salon owners that could barely cover bills. 

Lawyers that were up to their eyeballs in debt. 

You can't know someone's business from the outside, and IMO it's a gigantic mistake to assume you know what kind of numbers someone is pulling down without actually talking to that person. 

Plus, and this is a big plus, the point of offering your marketing services is for their business to make more than the fees. 

And while that may not happen immediately, it's still the long term goal. 

So yeah, don't think you know someone or their business from the outside. 

Talk to them. 

Learn about them. 

*Then* decide how you can help. 

Go into that meeting or that area with the attitude that you need to learn about their business, not that you know everything about it, or them. 

Alright, it's Friday, so go out and make some money. People like to say yes on Fridays. 

Mike out. 


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