You still use a PHONE BOOK?

advice Oct 29, 2018

I used to hang out in a lot of groups on FB where newbies would talk about getting clients and whatnot.

And one of the most popular things to do was talk about how crappy the yellow pages are, or how bad newspapers are...basically trashing all "old" media in favor of their new shiny FB ad strategies.

I guess that's fine, inside the groups.

But if you're new to this game, please make sure that you do NOT trash talk the old media to any new business prospects.


Because my local yellow pages book is over 500 pages, so chances are, the business you're talking to is in there.

Or they might be running a full color half sheet in the local paper every Sunday.

Maybe a radio commercial (which still work very well).

Some TV ads.

Maybe even paying for some of that YP space.

And since tracking numbers are so easy to use, many of these companies will actually have stats on how their ads are doing based on call volumes from different media ads.

So don't walk into a business thinking you're the King of Marketing and make the mistake of trash talking old media.

You'll get yourself booted back onto the sidewalk faster than you can say "lead ads."

So what's the best strategy?


What marketing are you doing right now? How is that working?

And I guarantee the answers will surprise you.

Mike out.


PS. As we head into winter I've got some exciting new interviews lined up, including plans for some brand new course content. I've also tweaked the price a bit and added a 2-payment option that some people requested.

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