“Why the Horse? Why Local Facebook Ads? Why Any of This?”


Slow down cowboy!

​Just keep reading and I’ll tell you all about the horse.

All about local Facebook ads without breaking a sweat.

And all about the easy way to have a profitable business with just a handful of clients and zero stress.

Hi, I’m Mike (on the left). 

I left my DMV job in 2011 for the promise of a better future for me and my family. 

One that I knew I'd never find in corporate America. 

You’re here for a reason. Maybe...

You’ve been struggling too long at this “online marketing” thing...

You’re stuck in a day job you wish you could leave behind...

You just want to level up your game with local Facebook ads…

You want to get tons of new customers for your local business...

Whatever the case, if you want to get on board and start making money right now, there’s a huge “BUY NOW” button a little ways down the page.

If you’re still sitting on the fence, keep reading.

First, I need to tell you why I made this course.

Way back in the olden days of 2010, I started a business because I couldn’t stand my job. I wanted out. I wanted freedom. To a point, I bought into the shiny Internet Marketing world.

And I bought a few products thinking “oh yeah this looks good. This is where I want to be!”

I’d buy, dive in, read the material.

And it didn’t “click.”

Now, when I say “click,” I don’t mean it was a bad product – I mean it didn’t rub me the right way.

The methods inside weren’t how I wanted to spend my time:

  • “Now spend 2 hours per day following back those twitter followers and DM all of them with a welcome message to your sales page!”
  • “Bake some brownies and take them down to the business, you can bet they’ll think of you for their next marketing campaign!”

​And some were just gibberish:​

  • “Download some PLR and spin it, then submit it to 100 article directories!”

​In the end, maybe I’d try a few of the strategies, but they didn’t ever deliver the quick wins I was looking for – and besides, it didn’t feel like a good use of my time to do that stuff. That’s not the kind of person I am.

It’s frustrating, right? It was for me.

Until I found Facebook ads. And not just any Facebook ads.

Local Ads.

How a Pissed Off Gym Owner Client Jump-Started My Career...

Way back when, I never ran paid ads.

​I only did websites and SEO – neither of which got a real big ROI for my clients. Plus I was only charging $400 a month and I was broke, but that’s another story…

Anyway (this was late 2012) my gym-owning SEO client Josh was having one of those pissed off kinda days, where nothing was going right and the whole world seemed to be against him.

And I decided to go work out that day. Oops.

“Mike! We need to talk bro.”

“Dude, the website is awesome but it’s not paying the bills, man. We gotta do something different.”

By the way, Josh loved to have business conversations while I was in the middle of his group fitness classes, thank god he doesn’t do that anymore…

​So I’m sweating, throwing ropes around, swinging kettlebells every which way at this point, and I say “I’ve been saying *heavy breathing* we should try the Facebook thing *dies*.”

Josh nods.

“Come talk to me after class.”

I managed to finish the workout and went to talk to him.

“It’s gonna be more expensive, man, but I think it’s gonna be a huge win for you.” I said.

Josh tilted his head at me and his eyebrows twitched a little. “How much are we talkin?”

PROTIP: Business owners love talking about spending money.

I winced a little (my first high ticket sale, shut up) and said “Fifteen hundred dollars. Per month.”

Wait, $1,500? Per Month?

Backstory: I’d been doing some experimenting with Facebook ads for about a month, and I was pretty sure I’d cracked the code. I asked a couple of my smart marketing buddies what I should charge for this, and both of them said “you need to start charging what it’s worth to their business.”

It was a huge lightbulb moment for me – I had only been charging $400 per month because I thought that’s what people would pay, not what the service was worth to their businesses.

Whew, Okay Where Were We?

He stood there and stared at me like in those movies where a person gets shot from behind and you don’t know they’re dead until they fall forward with the arrow sticking out of their back…

Eventually he said “Well, if you think it’ll work, let me talk to the wife about it and I’ll let you know.”

Later that night I got a call and Josh said “Okay, let’s do it.”

We were both nervous, but less than 7 days later he had made $4,554 in sales from just over $50 ad spend.

I was hooked, and he was the happiest gym owner you’ll ever see.

Since then, I’ve been running Facebook ads for local clients. Not just for gyms, but for dozens of businesses across most continents (if you know anyone who needs Facebook ads in Antarctica, hit me up).

I’ve contributed content for several courses and groups like:

  • Ben Adkins and his awesome AdLab

  • Dan Meredith’s Club 5 and Espresso premium coaching groups

  • Colin Theriot’s Cult of Copy

  • Lin Trinh’s Online Trainers Summit

And worked with some of the best Facebook ads people in the industry.

Helped a few grow into 7-figure ad agencies that serve hundreds of clients worldwide.

And now I’m giving you the chance to use my experience as a “cheat sheet” to quickly ramp up your own ads business.

If That Sounds Awesome, You’re Exactly the Person Who Needs My Course


All the other “methods” and shit floating around the IM space: affiliate marketIng, high ticket coaching, building a list and spamming them, baking brownies for local businesses, they just don’t work.

I also can’t do the “IM” thing where I launch some stupid product and let it die a month later because I’ve made my money.

(This course has been up since March of 2016 and is still going strong and constantly being updated.)

And if you’re like me, you want to help people – not leave them wondering why they spent money with you, or leave them worse off than when they started.

All that is to say – if you like Facebook ads, if you like actually helping people, and if you like a great earning potential with the ability to scale this into an actual, sustainable business that can actually provide for yourself and your family (like I’ve been doing for years), then keep reading.

Some Food for Thought

This section isn’t in most sales letters, but it’s important, so hang in there.

​You see, when you do find your one thing, your specialty…your attitude changes.

​All those methods and systems and strategies I talked about above kind of fade off into the background, and you start to look for one specific thing – people that are juuuust a little bit further along than you are.

​Because what you want to do is level up, implement your new knowledge, and then look to level up again.

Whether or not you enroll in my course today, this step is CRITICAL.

Your success is a journey, not something you can pick up off the sidewalk one day.

So when you find your path, you need to keep moving on that path.


Because unless you keep leveling up, getting better, and moving forward…

Unless you actively do those things, you’re digging your own business grave.

In short, I made this course to help you along the path and enable you to level up as far as you want to go.

From beginner to expert to GURU (shh don’t tell anyone I used that word!).

Why is the RapidLeads Course Better?

I know what you’re thinking.

“That’s great Mike, but there’s 500 million Facebook ads courses and I don’t even know who to listen to anymore.”

​I know, I’ve been through most of them. Here’s how they go:

  1. Define your avatar (you’ll shoot yourself the next time you hear that, right?)
  2. Do some targeting (find the most obscure niche golfer you can, so you get the most HARDCORE fans)
  3. Run some ads (spend a shitload of money testing 500 variations of the same thing)
  4. Some general ads advice that leaves you lost (“ditch the losers! Keep the winners!”)
  5. A case study where someone made $500k (what?) 

The good news is that you don’t have to spend the $5,000+ I've invested to learn the same stuff I already knew.

​Plus, I’m a real dude who doesn’t like to use hyped up language to sell my stuff.​

Or hire some designer to put fancy graphics on here.

​Or pose my orange Lamborghini next to my castle for some gaudy photo shoot.

Ha. Who does that?

But seriously, here’s what sets this course apart:​

  • You’ll get to see firsthand how easy it is to target local (to your clients) customers instead of spending hours figuring out some obscure wrestling champion for your next big tshirt flop.
  • You’ll learn the secret to closing high ticket ($1,500/mo+) clients by just asking some simple questions and offering them a spot in your roster.
  • Imagine being able to set up a full local FB campaign in just an hour instead of spending 3 hours in “audience insights” trying to figure out all the demographics for wrestling fans nationwide, and then another hour picking images, and so on…
  • Oh, and you’ll get paid in advance to do this stuff, so there’s no “what if” factor looming over your head.
  • There’s no gambling with money you don’t have just to see if a shirt or coffee mug *might* sell.
  • You’ll never have to launch 500 variations of the same ad – normally you’ll never even split test. A couple ads generally do the job.

What is the RapidLeads (Horse) Course?

I use Facebook ads to get leads for local businesses.

These clients aren’t local to me (so you don’t have to go out and knock on doors or anything like that).

But they’re serving their local communities. I help local businesses get leads, get more clients, and make more money.

This course is the blueprint to run that business.

And pictures of horses are funny and get people to click on the ads. So I use horses.

Also it’s super easy to rank on Google when you have a weird name for your stuff:


Inside you’ll find a membership site with all the video modules, a Facebook support group full of current members ready to answer questions, and some bonus stuff inside the course that I’ll talk about in a sec.


By the Way, Stop Reading Now If You Want to Learn:

  • CPA Offers
  • Affiliate marketing
  • “Work from Home” or Business Opportunity Funnels
  • MLM stuff
  • Any other slimy “fast-money” bullshit internet marketing scam
  • FOREX or Crypto anything

This course won’t help you. Find someone else. Bye-bye.

Ok, Cool!​

Here’s a quick breakdown of the modules.

Module One – Setting Up the Business

Module one is all about how to set everything up the right way. You get:​

  • The Business Manager setup and Client Onboarding Process: Use this to set up clients the RIGHT way the first time so you can create campaigns quickly and spend less time on technical crap with clients. I’ve streamlined this down to a science (I charge $300 just for this).
  • Onboarding Document: Use this to get your clients up and running quickly. Send them this PDF and have it done in 10 minutes.
  • The Money: How I get paid, how clients pay for ads, and how to look professional AF so your clients never think you’re low-rent. (Priceless, really.)

Module Two – Getting Clients

  • Your Secret Weapon: How to set up your Facebook profile for maximum effectiveness.
  • Adding Value in Groups: This is how I got featured by: Dan Meredith, Colin Theriot, Ben Adkins, Lin Trinh, Bill Hugall, and many more. Also a great lesson in how to get clients on its own.
  • Prospect Messages: How to move prospects from Facebook to a phone call quickly and easily so you can close new clients faster.
  • The Client Getting Conversation: Get clients. Close them. The best sales script you’ll ever use, guaranteed.
  • Live Calls: I get on the phone with real live prospects and have real live conversations. I show you how to close new clients and consults, and also a call where I determine the client isn’t a good fit.
  • What Niches to Target: Identify and go after profitable niches so you don’t waste time with people who don’t have money to invest.

Module Three – Running Ads

Module three is all about the ad funnels that you’ll set up for your clients. Here’s what’s covered:

  • What is a Direct Response Funnel?: A 15 minute video that covers the basics and expectations for this kind of marketing.
  • The Ad: The most powerful video – this covers the ad, image, headlines, and copy that you’ll use in your client marketing. It’s all set up as a big template so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel for every client. Just use the template.
  • The Pixel: What is it, how to use it effectively, and how to install the pixel on your landing pages and website.
  • The Landing Page: What it is, how to construct it, what services to use, and how to get amazing results without pulling your hair out.
  • Ads Manager Tutorial: The members wanted it, so I gave it to them. A 30 minute tutorial on just the ads manager.
  • The Lead n’ Close: This is what happens when you actually get a lead. What to do next, and how to followup.
  • A Gym Walkthrough: How I set up and run ads for an actual business using this template. An over-the-shoulder look.
  • Lead Ads Walkthrough: How to use the awesomeness that is Lead Ads for quick (and inexpensive) results.
  • Conversion Ads: this new addition walks you through setting up a conversion ad - best practices, tips, optimization, and setup are all covered.
  • Creating Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences: How to leverage your client’s assets for quick wins so you’re not stressed about providing good results.
  • Using Callfire and Zapier for Facebook Lead Ads: How to automate the whole process so you’re not stuck behind your desk trying to forward leads to your clients whenever they come in. Just sit back and relax.

Module Four – Running Ads for Yourself

Module four teaches you how to put it all together. I call it the consultant funnel.

  • The Consultant Funnel: An overview of the consultant funnel.
  • The Ad + Landing Page: How to set up ads and landing pages for this type of funnel, and how to easily schedule prospects for a sales call.
  • Salon Targeting: I use salon owners as an example to teach you how to target ANY niche online in just a few easy steps.
  • Conclusion: Pulling it all together.

Hey Mike, Will You Show Me All These Ad Strategies?

Glad you asked!

Of course.

​You see, unlike these other guys, I actually get my hands dirty and…I show you the EXACT stuff that’s working right now for my clients.

Shocking, I know.

But don’t worry, I like to keep things simple. Simple works best for local businesses anyway.

Speaking of Simple…

I like to keep my products simple too. There’s no Lite, Premium, Pro, Agency type pricing here.

Everything is under one simple plan.

Like I said, I’ve paid up to $5,000 for bloated courses that show you a bunch of stuff and then ask you to spend $50,000 on Facebook ads.

And everyone I’ve shared this course with says it should be at least that.

Maybe even more.

Not to mention there’s currently 250+ people in the course, and zero refunds.

​So I know it’s high quality, actionable stuff.

Can I Just Do This Myself?

That’s fine.​

But just make sure not to run ads for crappy clients that will bail after a month – make sure you spot them right away.

And then learn what industries not to run ads for.

Or spend WAY more on ads than your client wanted, only to get no results.

And grind your reputation to a pulp before you even start.

Oh and make sure you get nervous on your sales calls and then don’t close anyone on your monthly fee.

You can do that if you want!

Or…hear me out.

You could reach out to your local network or use my groups method and get some clients...

​Charge what I recommend – $1,500/mo.​

Get your clients fast results. Automate the whole thing.

Then sit back and relax. Monitor the ads. Make changes when you need to.

​If you really wanted to, you could be like my buddy Gary and scale it to agency-level with hundreds of clients!​

Or you could take it light, maybe pick up 4 clients and earn some extra money every month!

How to Buy the Horse Course Today

If you want to:

  • ​Skip all the mistakes I made
  • Level up and build your business
  • Close new clients like it’s second nature

Then it’s time to act now.

Oh wait, there's some sweet bonuses...

Sweet Bonus #1 - Lawyer Stuff

  • Your Own Contract: I paid a real-life lawyer to draft up a contract you can use in your business with your clients. Some people choose to use contracts, some don't - but if you are going to use one, use mine instead of googling one online. 

    It'll help protect you from a legal standpoint, but also - and most importantly - from a monetary one. Feel free to take it, use it, or get your own lawyer to change it for your needs - it's yours free!

Sweet Bonus #2 - Mini Courses

Part of what I love to do is give you 100% of the tools you need to serve your clients. It's my job. 

So I went out and found some of the best experts I could to teach you the stuff I don't know how to do! Here's the courses we have so far...

  • LinkedIn Lead Gen: learn all about LinkedIn as a valuable client acquisition tool and get started collecting leads today!
    GDPR Compliance: this was a big deal in 2018 and will continue to be as more people scramble to get their websites up to date. 
  • Google AdWords Black Box: this is a 3+ hour INTENSIVE training that goes in-depth on AdWords for local lead gen. 
  • Mike Yanda's Advanced Facebook Explosion: Mike is one of my students that took Facebook ads and ran with them. Follow Mike as he talks about agency life, hiring, and several secret FB ad techniques that he uses every day. 
  • Ben's Super Secret Client Capturing Funnel: Ben is another of my students who set up this amazing funnel that still gives him leads every day of the week. Ben is NEVER short on clients with this formula.
  • Cheap Leads for Your Business: In this training I show you how to get leads for well under a dollar - great for starting out your email list and building your first audience! Or sell it to your client as an add-on service! 

Sweet Bonus #3 - Advanced Sales Call Training

  • Advanced Sales Call Training: Even though I cover this in the main course, I made a separate version here for more advanced tips and strategies for sales calls. I highlight what's wrong with the modern sales call approach and teach you how to close more often and with less resistance.

    Inside, we cover all three stages of the sales call, including how to handle objections, how to speak confidently, and how to never have an awkward moment during a call again. 

    This training will work for you especially if you haven't got any experience yet and it's how I got started with no track record and no testimonials. 

Sweet Bonus #4 - Onboarding Call with Mike (that's me)

  • Schedule a Call With Mike: We'll get on the phone and discuss where you are, where you want to be, and how you can get there. This is a 60-minute call where you can ask me anything, plan your new business, and hit the ground running. 

Check Out How Mike’s (No Relation) Life Changed When He Bought This Course…

Mike Y. used to be a personal trainer who helped others with their Facebook pages or websites from time to time, until he went through this course.


Check Out What Other Students Say...


Last Chance…

You already know what this course is about. Build a simple business with a few clients that you can scale (or not) and make a solid income doing it. I give you all the tools you need to get the job done:​

  • The Complete FB Ads Course, dozens of videos that take you step by step through the whole process. Nothing is “drip-fed,” you get access to everything all at once so you can start where you need to.
  • Sweet Bonus #1 - Lawyer Stuff. Get your contract and protect yourself and your business.
  • Sweet Bonus #2 - Mini Courses. Access to insider courses that you can't find anywhere else, covering topics like LinkedIn, Adwords, Client-Grabbing funnels, and more!
  • Sweet Bonus #3 - Advanced Sales Call Training. Tons of people get scared or nervous when making a sales call and fail to close the deal. No more! Confidently close new clients for $1,000+ per month with this easy to follow template you can use even if you don't have any experience or results. 
  • Sweet Bonus #4 - Call with Mike. We'll get on the phone and discuss where you are, where you want to be, and how you can get there. This is a 60-minute call where you can ask me anything, plan your new business, and hit the ground running.

You're Next...

Look, I’m not promising you’ll get rich or famous or whatever.

This is my proven blueprint that you can use to get clients, close them, and run a sustainable business.​

If you run your own local biz - use this to fill up your schedule with brand new people!

Even if you don’t have any previous FB ads knowledge.

Even if you’ve never closed a client before.

Even if you’ve run some ads and you need to level up your game.

This is where it happens. This is the next step on your journey.​

Trust your gut. Join me now.

-Mike Heath

PS. It took me nearly 3 years to perfect this system. You could spend the next 3 years doing that…or you could invest today. 

Join the 250+ students inside the Horse Course now, and I'll see you inside!



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